One-on-one Sessions Online or Face-to-face

All it takes is some personal attention today to help you become a better writer tomorrow

What Do I Teach?

Every writer has a unique set of strengths and weaknesses. Just like soccer players and musicians must practice to develop their strengths and improve their weaknesses, writers must practice to reach the next level of their work. As a composition instructor with a PhD in English, I act as a coach to pinpoint the exact ways writers and students need to improve and identify the best methods to do so. I help writers build their skill sets to become more confident in their abilities so you can write your own future today.

Individual Feedback

Whether you are a student or a professional, there is always room for improvement. To help you build trust in your own abilities, I provide detailed feedback. After you submit your project, you will receive a page of notes within 24-48 hours. These notes explain what you did well, what you need to work on, examples from their work, and recommendations on how to improve. This provides writers with the skills to improve their work independently as they move forward. 

College Prep

I have spent the past six years teaching literature and composition at universities. I know what colleges and universities are currently anticipating from their freshman students and have extensive experience in teaching these foundational skills. I am equipped to teach students how to better prepare their reading and writing foundational skills to succeed in college. This six-week program is dedicated to preparing high school students for college-level writing across the curriculum. 

Test Prep

Timed essays can be stressful! I work with students to help them develop techniques and approaches to conquer the essay exam. In four 60-minute coaching sessions, students will practice responding to prompts, developing strong arguments, and presenting a polished work in 40 minutes or less. Using my experience as an IB examiner, I help your students be as prepared as possible for these intense writing situations.

Personal Coaching

To deeply hone your abilities, we will meet one-on-one (via computer or in person) to talk through your writing process and ways to improve. You will receive a page of detailed notes to help you better understand your strengths and weaknesses, but you will also receive a personal conversation to discuss your work, create a revision plan, and ask questions. You will leave the session feeling more confident and invigorated to make those changes. Take control of your writing process today! 

Summer Reading Reboot

Summer reading doesn't have to be a cloud hanging over your head. Sign up for weekly sessions for accountability completing your list, coaching for long-term assignments, and assistance with understanding new novels! After five years of teaching literature courses, I am ready to make sure that you start the fall on track for success!

Writing Workshop


Sometimes the best writing happens in collaborations. William Shakespeare had Thomas Middleton; James Joyce had Sylvia Beach; and Adrienne Rich had Audre Lorde. Our writing groups are held four times a year for six weeks each. Participants share their writing, develop editing skills, and learn how to receive and incorporate constructive criticism. As a participant, you are a member of a team, building friendships and providing encouragement. 


I have worked with a range of students on a variety of projects. Students and writers consistently describe feeling more confident when they leave our sessions. It's always my goal for students to feel they are better equipped to effectively express their original thinking for any environment.

When I tutored in a university Reading and Writing Center, 100% of writers reported that they "feel better about their writing project/digital project now than they did before their session." Additionally, 93% of writers believed that they could apply what they learned in their appointment to future writing projects. Writers felt their ideas were respected, heard, and improved throughout our time together.