Hi there, I’m Margaret

I have a PhD in English and over five years experience in teaching writing (I've actually won awards for it!). I use my background to help writers become more confident and capable. My goal is to help you develop your skill set to achieve your specific goals. I know that not everybody finds writing fun, but that's because not everybody has written with me... yet.



I recently graduated with my PhD in English from Florida State University. While at FSU, I taught a wide range of composition and literature courses in addition to working as a tutor in the university's Reading and Writing Center. I worked with other professors and instructors to study teaching and develop courses for undergraduates from every major. As a result, I not only intimately understand what colleges and universities expect from their students now, but what they will soon anticipate from students in the future.


Before all of that, I received my BA in English and Communication Studies from Fordham University. I worked in a literacy-through-the-arts program and as an illustration agent. I soon moved to Charleston and earned my MA from the joint English program at the College of Charleston and the Citadel. Since then, I've written a number of pieces that were published in peer-reviewed journals, textbooks, and mainstream publications. I completed a dissertation which is now in the process of getting published. I've seen it all and lived to write the tale. Now it's your turn.


PhD in English from Florida State University

Aug 2015 - May 2020

Florida State University has educated teachers for almost 100 years. While my degree is in English, I benefitted from the university's rigorous teaching program. My training as a literature scholar and as a composition instructor uniquely positions me to help coach and tutor improving writers.

Master's in English from College of Charleston/The Citadel

Aug 2012 - May 2014

I studied literature, writing, and education in classes at each university. By taking classes at both CofC and the Citadel, I was able to learn about teaching, writing, and literature from a multitude of perspectives and approaches. Consequently, I can easily adapt my approach to respond to each student's individual needs.

Bachelor's in English and Communication/Media Studies

Aug 2008 - May 2012

By double majoring, I studied both academic and professional writing. While enrolled, I also interned at a literacy-through-the-arts program and at the American Book Producers Association. I then obtained a position as a junior agent at an international illustration agent. My experiences in New York allowed me learn about what sort of writing styles and techniques necessary for success in and out of the classroom.

Writing Expertise

  • research papers

  • personal essays

  • creative writing

  • grant proposals

  • website design and text

  • and more!

Awards and Certifications

  • IB Examiner for English

  • recipient of the Marion Bashinski Award for Teaching First-Year College Composition in 2020

  • earned certificate from Arizona State University for Foundations for Excellence in Teaching Online

  • member of the National Tutoring Association

  • member of the Modern Language Association

  • United Way Big Bend ReadingPal tutor