Frequently Asked Questions

Got a question? I've got answers. Below you can find all of the answers to our most common questions. If you have an uncommon question, don't hesitate to reach out. We look forward to hearing from you!

Frequently asked questions

Do sessions have to be in person?

Not at all! We always offer the option to hold sessions online. Our online sessions are just as thorough as our face-to-face meetings. During the pandemic, we will only be holding online sessions to ensure the continued safety of our clients.

I'm not in school, but I'm struggling with my writing for work. Could I book an appointment?

Of course! We understand that writing is an on-going process. Just because you have graduated from the classroom does not mean that you've stopped writing! We are happy to work on your current needs to help you achieve your goals in AND out of the classroom.

Will you fix my grammar for me?

Our tutors will identify your errors and your patterns in your work, but they won't edit your paper for you. In other words, we don't make the changes for you. Otherwise, you are going to make those same mistakes again! When you submit a project for individual feedback, you receive a page of detailed notes evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your project. Your feedback will also point your errors out and provide you with advice for improvement. By providing you with in-depth guidance instead of answers, our tutoring helps you develop the skills so you can avoid those issues in future works as well!

My child is already in college prep courses. Doesn't that mean they will be ready for college?

College prep courses are excellent classes for students to take! They provide students with necessary challenges to grow as a writer and a thinker. However, the majority of college prep courses focus on the skills necessary to get admitted into the college of their choice. They do not necessarily prepare students for the sort of writing assignments they will face in universities. I have experience teaching at a number of colleges and universities, and so I know what these courses expect from their students and what the majority of students lack when they walk into the first day of classes. I will work with your child to supplement their college prep courses to ensure they start school capable of tackling whatever challenges college throws their way.

If you're not fixing my paper, what do you do?

We are process-focused in our sessions. By focusing on a writer's process, we help the writer better understand their talents, develop their rhetorical awareness, and learn how to transfer their skills for future projects. In other words, we don't give you the fish; we teach you how to fish to keep you fed for a lifetime. Your current project will improve--we will locate its weaknesses and help you revise--but we also help you improve overall as a writer.